Wednesday, 10 August 2011

{ Iconic Designs by Swarovski }

Crystal clear  
Swarovski’s crystal jewelry continues to evolve, surprise and impress season after season. Each new collection presents an inspiring new interpretation of pure crystal beauty with a timeless allure.

Innovation and craftsmanshipThis striking jewelry combines exquisite craftsmanship, breath-taking colors and state-of-the-art technology. Extraordinarily innovative techniques and exclusive crystal cuts are used to produce 

truly unique creations, such as the iconic Nirvana ring . Its pricey but I couldn't resist ! 

{Nirvana Montana Ring £130}
Swarovski’s iconic Nirvana ring is now available in an absolutely magnificent shade of blue. Glittering in Montana crystal, this striking silver-plated creation perfectly suits any outfit, whether 
sporty, elegant or sophisticated. Try it and you will love it!

{Chic Purple Blue Ring £165}
Simply stunning! The bestselling Chic Ring appears in this season’s hottest colors. Sparkling in a glamorous gradation of purple and indigo with a touch of turqouise, this trendy rhodium-plated cocktail ring is certain to turn heads.

{Nirvana Petite Indicolite Ring £100 }
A gorgeous, petite version of Swarovski’s iconic Nirvana ring. Beautifully crafted in trendy Indicolite crystal, this silver-plated creation sparkles from all angles. The stunning color lends a glamorous and refreshing note to any outfit.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


While reading a different blog, I have been reminded of the post I really wanted to do a while ago about Chloe. One of my favourite fashion brands is here with the new Fall and Winter 2011 collection. The elegant and luxurious theme always runs through the product, which makes them more and more likeable. As well as that below are the beauty products some of you might just fall in love with. Clink on the images to enlarge and read 

{ ^^ Chloe Beauty products ^^ }

 Fall 2011 - Look No 1. >

Silk Georgette top
  Knitted sweater in virgin wool with kangaroo pocket 
  Flanell skirt 
  Cowhide and patent leather "Anna Pula" ankle boots
   SB17029-56-509 FUNKY

 Fall 2011  - Look No 2. >                                                                          Viscose dress with "cats and trees" print                                      LV71600-T6867-0015                                                                         Cowhide and patent leather " Anna Paula ankle boots             SB17029-56-509 FUNKY                                                                                                                                                                               "Gavi clutch with hand strap                                                        9S7256-N134-443 FUNKY

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fashionable umbrellas go well with the rain

If you live in a country, where rain is more common than sunshine for example England, having an umbrella is always helpful. Therefore having a fashionable umbrella you love will make even the gloomy days brighter than ever. Its just happens that its raining right now and I cant wait to drink a hot drink and watch the raindrops fall Meanwhile, here is my favourite umbrella.


  { Apricot Contrast Frill Crook Umbrella From Topshop £ 15.00 }
 But for now I don't need to go anywhere so Im just going to watch the rain while drinking a hot drink !

Friday, 5 August 2011

Topshop Love - Knitwear

The beautifully designed knitwear now available in Topshop is really beautiful and it really wasn't hard to search for one, when I visited the store today. The one I got is displayed below. The material used is really soft and it has a very nice original design added to it, it is certainly very worm and I cant actually wear it now because it is rather worm and I will boil however this just proves it's perfect for the Winter cold weather. If its not what your looking for keep scrolling down to find the right one for you. Click on images, to be taken to the website.

{My new Topshop Sweater for £46 Also come in blue}
My other Favourites :


{Knitted Stripe Guernsy Style Jumper £40}

{Knitted Cream Stripe Jumper £36 }

Have a LUSH weekend

Among the many shops I have visited today, the one I was looking forward to was Lush. For those of you who have never visited the shop, it sells many great natural and organic cosmetics, that will not let you down, considering that the ranges are fresh and handmade. And for all the animal lovers, there is no need to worry because NOTHING is tested on animals. Hopefully all the amazing smells will not be too much for some of you ! Have a lush week end ! Since the blog has visitors from many other countries which include the US, prices may vary.
{Luxury mango bath melts- £2.85/30g}
Cheery, fruity mango butter melt. You've Been Mangoed is bright and breezy, with nutritious mango and avocado butters to make your skin feel as if it's just had a really healthy breakfast and is all set up for the day. Its fruity scent comes from skin toning lemon and lime essential oils with a drop or two of invigorating lemongrass to get things going. Everyone should know the joys of being well and truly Mangoed .
 { Sweet Lips Lip balm scrub £4.95 } 
Sweet Lips is the lip scrub for chocolate fanatics. It smells like a bar of creamy milk chocolate. Vanilla extract keeps your lips moist, castor sugar gently exfoliates, and the rich, deep fragrance of cocoa absolute gives this an irresistible touch. Rub it over your lips when they're feeling the need for some sugar. It not only makes your lips feel great it smells great too. P.S This product is also available in Bubblegum and mint flavour !
{ The lovely Shower scrub £2.65/ 100g }
Hard on the outside jet its still like sugar. It's no nonsense stance stimulates activity and tackles cellulite with fennel and ginger. Skin calming lavender has a balancing effect. Get yourself wet in the shower or bath, but don't let the bar get under the running water or it'll be lost before it can prove itself. Scrub, scrub, scrub and rinse away.

Thursday, 28 July 2011


                                                         { Accessorize Autumn/Winter colour pallet preview }

The elegant and indulgent colour pallet of the Autumn and Winter range is beautifully designed for the full effect to amaze, they come with rich tones and together they work well to make every woman look more elegant. Green is back and I cant wait to see these items on the shelf !

Friday, 1 July 2011

3 Things I am looking forward to buying

Hello, As I mentioned before I just got a new beautiful Pandora bracelet and I was looking through the website where you can create your own virtual bracelet by adding on charms and once you're done you can see what your bracelet would look like if you bought the specific charms. One of the loveliest charms I found was the one below, and I really can't wait to buy it from the local Pandora store ! There are however many more and I will keep you updated with what I put on the bracelet ! 
The nail polish is just something I see in Topshop every time I go in and recently I have been really wanting to get my hands on it because of its fresh colours, great for the summer !
And the Cambridge satchel is just so beautiful !
{A new charm for my Pandora Bracelet, because I travel quite a lot.}
{A fun and fresh nail polish from TopShop}

{A colourful Cambridge Satchel}

Pandora Bracelet

"Combine your personal choice of PANDORA charms and wear them on a PANDORA bracelet in sterling silver, 14k solid gold, leather or textile to create an expression that is uniquely you "

I have recently received a PANDORA bracelet as a present, and I can't wait to fill it up with the charms and beads I love, as they say something about each individual wearing it. I am now faced with a dilemma, over what colour scheme to go for, I was considering green or just simple gold, silver and black with few colours. Any suggestions, over what would look beautiful? Feel free to write them, and send them to me. Below is the specific bracelet I have. For more information visit 

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bright Lights

A well-lit room will brighten your mood and lighten your attitude. A clever way of using natural light around your home, is a good way, of making this possible, however for the small dark corners, pretty little lights can do the trick. This blog is about any inspirational things I find interesting and here are some ideas on how to make your home light, airy and beautiful. A clever way of not using any artificial light is to use mirrors. They reflect the light and give the room a brighter look. But lights can also give any room a professional standard and still do its job during the day and the night.