Frequently asked questions

What camera do you use to take your pictures?
  ~ Sony Alpha 390

Where do you live/ Where are you from?
  ~  United Kingdom 

How old are you/ Where do you work ?
  ~ 15, I'm a student 

May I use some of your pictures on my own site?
  ~ Sure, but make sure you let me know and Please make a link back to my blog because its not right for you to steal my ideas/ photos and take the credit. 

Vote for me ?
  ~ Maybe, only if I think you deserve it 

Check out my blog ?
  ~ I always do if you leave a comment 

Tips on starting a blog ?
  ~ First of all, make sure you have time and that you're patient because making your blog popular will not happen over night. So, set your blog a theme {Fashion, Architecture, Design, Beauty, Life etc..} choose this on under the basis that you really enjoy because this will bring more fun with every post. Make sure your blog is easy to read and people know their was around it, maybe ask someone {a member of family or a friend} to give you some critical responses and work on what people don't like. Make sure to post original posts that are not copied from other blogs that way you feel like you have archived something when you post something. However you can always find some inspiration from the blogs that you admire. Try to let others know about your blog and there you have it ! 

Will you answer my question straight away ? 
  ~ I will certainly try to answer all your questions as soon as possible, it might take some time but I definitely will, unless its already mentioned here.

How do you come up with your posts ?
  ~ Its not that hard, I post about the things I come across or the things I love !