Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fashionable umbrellas go well with the rain

If you live in a country, where rain is more common than sunshine for example England, having an umbrella is always helpful. Therefore having a fashionable umbrella you love will make even the gloomy days brighter than ever. Its just happens that its raining right now and I cant wait to drink a hot drink and watch the raindrops fall Meanwhile, here is my favourite umbrella.


  { Apricot Contrast Frill Crook Umbrella From Topshop £ 15.00 }
 But for now I don't need to go anywhere so Im just going to watch the rain while drinking a hot drink !


Anonymous said...

:O Nice umbrella, sorry to hear its raining in England

Ella said...

Enjoy your drink while watching the rain 1

Henrieta said...

Wow great post again !

Leonie said...

Nice post, cute pics!
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Fashion Translated said...

Love pink!! That umbrella and mug are adorbs

Fashion Translated

Fashion Translated said...

love pink, that umbrella and mug are adobs!

Fashion Translated

The Wind Of Inspiration said...

Great umbrella! Would like to have one of those. :)