Friday, 1 July 2011

3 Things I am looking forward to buying

Hello, As I mentioned before I just got a new beautiful Pandora bracelet and I was looking through the website where you can create your own virtual bracelet by adding on charms and once you're done you can see what your bracelet would look like if you bought the specific charms. One of the loveliest charms I found was the one below, and I really can't wait to buy it from the local Pandora store ! There are however many more and I will keep you updated with what I put on the bracelet ! 
The nail polish is just something I see in Topshop every time I go in and recently I have been really wanting to get my hands on it because of its fresh colours, great for the summer !
And the Cambridge satchel is just so beautiful !
{A new charm for my Pandora Bracelet, because I travel quite a lot.}
{A fun and fresh nail polish from TopShop}

{A colourful Cambridge Satchel}


Anonymous said...

Love these :)

Anonymous said...

The Cambridge satchels are great but wide :) Love the post btw

Jane said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this blog, I love it

Lianne said...

I have that pandora charm, its so cute :) Love that bag!!